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Our desire —and we know we’re not alone in this— is to have a communal space that generates reciprocity for bettering relationships with our neighbors as well as the more-than-human populations that reside all around us. We want to alchemize the struggles of our current society into something hopeful and thriving, together. Some of the ways we plan to do this are by acquiring a physical location where we can offer accessible education; sliding scale health consultations; quality herbal offerings; and create a peaceful, safe, and vital space to connect and experience joy together.
Our ultimate goal for this space is to cultivate real community resilience. We are trying to raise enough funds to secure a brick-and-mortar this year in Ypsilanti, Michigan — colonized land of Odawa, Wyandot, Potawatomi. This will give us a head start on a lease and some start-up costs that will immensely help us open doors and hopefully survive our first year in service. We are working at a grassroots level and whether we make this monetary goal or not, any amount will be supportive to the cause!


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