A River Runs Through Us -Lymph/Immune Class


A river runs through us is an in-depth class on lymphagogues- herbs that promote lymphatic circulation. But how do herbs work with our lymph system?  And when would we use herbs?  In this 2-3 hr class with slides, we dive deep into the watery well of the lymph system-our filtration and drainage system. We will cover basic lymph anatomy, the main functions of the lymph system, and break down two different herbal approaches when working with the lymph system. We will discuss how our lymph is part of our immune system, and herbs that are specific to our lymph system. We will also discuss one clinical case and go over red flags, a protocol and formulation. You will leave the class feeling informed and confident on the lymph system and how as herbalists, or other providers you can fully support it.


In this class we dive deep into the lymph system. Other topics included in this class are:

  • Lymph anatomy and physiology
  • Over 5 different plant monographs
  • In depth Materia Medica
  • How to grow these plants
  • Plant constituents and how to yield the best extract
  • How to do a fresh herb oil
  • Red flags
  • Ethical harvesting
  • A clinical case
  • How to build a protocol
  • The art of formulation
  • and more!

READ****With the rise of COVID, we are practicing “minority rule” when it comes to mask wearing for our class days. If one paid participant asks for masks mandatory to be able to come, we will apply it for everyone. If you do not have a preference, please only purchase a ticket if you’re open to the possibility of masking. Seating can be distanced, and our shop provides lots of ventilation and we also run an air purifier or keep doors open for cross breeze. Please email us at bloodrootherbshop.mi@gmail.com immediately after purchase if you prefer masks to be mandatory so we can contact everyone in a timely matter!

NO REFUNDS unless Bloodroot Herb Shop cancels the event.


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